Dwaine will support a welcoming Princton – Kathleen Cassidy, Mt. Lucas Road

From The Town Topics

To the Editor,

The June 5th primary will be here before we know it and it is time to take a serious look at the candidates and what assets they can bring to the Princeton Council.

I am writing to strongly endorse Dwaine Williamson: he can provide competence, experience, and a proven ability to work with others to reach a consensus. These are important and needed qualities. Heather Howard and Lance Liverman, who are leaving Council, brought both legal expertise and years of community involvement: their experience will be missed as they exit the Council.

Dwaine brings experience both in town government, serving on the Planning Board at a key time for our town, and in other leadership positions both in Princeton and Mercer County. As a member of the Planning Board, he has worked on issues of neighborhood character and factors influencing affordability. He chaired the committee to harmonize borough and township ordinances into a single code for our consolidated community. This will be valuable experience as the town moves to implement affordable housing.

I served with Dwaine on the Princeton Community Democratic Organization (PCDO) Executive Committee and saw his leadership qualities as he quickly moved to the position of first vice president. He received the support of the organization at their recent meeting and passionately spoke of his commitment to Princeton and his vision for a sustainable and inclusive town. He recognized challenges of keeping a viable commercial sector and addressing affordability issues for longtime residents and young families.

Dwaine embodies the American dream. He was born in Jamaica and emigrated at a young age with his family. He grew up in Mercer County and graduated from Trenton High before going on to Georgetown and then receiving a Law degree from Rutgers. He is a lawyer in private practice with a focus on finance. He has lived in Princeton for 20 years and has been active in the community.

As an immigrant himself, he is a strong supporter of Princeton’s commitment to being a welcoming community with diverse and stable neighborhoods.

I am delighted that Dwaine decided to run for the Princeton Council. I believe he will be a great asset.

Kathleen Cassidy

Mt. Lucas Road

Mildred Trotman Endorses Dwaine Williamson

From CentralJersey.com

To the Editor:

When I was first informed that Dwaine Williamson would run for one of the seats on Princeton Council, my immediate response was that he would certainly have my support.

That was my response because I know Dwaine and have had the opportunity to work with him over the past few years on the Princeton Planning Board, with PCDO matters, and in other venues.

I know him to be committed, responsible, and totally dedicated to making Princeton work for all of us. He has demonstrated the ability to listen and absorb before expressing an opinion; to do his homework; and he presents as a fair-minded and level-headed person who would continue to demonstrate those qualities as a councilperson.

Were you to get the opportunity to know Dwaine, to hear his extraordinary personal history of moving to this country after his birth, of his educational background here in Princeton and beyond, and his civic contributions to Princeton, I am sure you would be as impressed as I am.

There are many issues to be addressed by Princeton Council in the future and it is my hope that Dwaine will be one of the leaders making those decisions on our behalf. Please vote with me to support Dwaine Williamson on June 5.

Mildred T. Trotman

Former Mayor – Princeton Borough